Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yea! Sew night and a Sneak Peek at a Quilt Walk Festival Class.

Claudia made this Apron.  Is that Pocket too cute. She said she has 6 more to make.
Carolyn brought this Afghann to work on.  Crocheting is really coming back.  I loved doing these in the 70's and now they are cool again.  I hesitate because you know my record for finishes.  They would be out of style and maybe back in before I got them done. 

Wendy brought this hexagon guilt her mother had made because there was no binding on the quilt.  I think they are still talking about the kind of binding it needs.  Isn't it beautiful.  Those colors make a feast for my eyes.  Love lots of color.

Claudia and Nan went to Brigham City to take some classes from the Nickle quilt lady. (sorry I can't remember her name.) Nickle quilts because she uses 5" squares for each block.   Claudia taught us some of the techniques they learned and will be showing us more the next time we meet.   She also showed us a trick with using "cheap" shelf liner, just a small piece, under the rulers when we cut with the rotary cutters so the rulers don't slip. She said use cheap because the good stuff is thicker and holds the rulers to high off the fabric.

Shannon brought this cute fabric to show us.  I think she is still working on building her stash but I can't wait to see what she does with this.

Debbie said she is going to get her advent calendars ready for next year so she is starting not late.
This is the background.  The colors are so pretty in this and she will attach the pieces with buttons.  

Here are the pieces she will attach to the panel.  She has three in the works but with grandkids who knows she may need more by next year.

Jerilu brought this bag to show us.  It is to carry and protect the fiberglass top we use attach to  our sewing machines to make the sewing area bigger.  I know she had a name for it.  I hope you know what I mean.

I had people ask me about the pattern for Dianne's quilt from the post last week.  Here is the pattern company for it.

Kenda has started one of the wall hangings like Shannons.  It is going to be beautiful.

Shannon brought peanut brittle to share.  Yummm

Ok all, this is the sneak peak.  This is a sample of the class Claudia will be teaching at the Quilt Walk Festival. 

Look how gorgeous that star is.  Classes will be up the first of February.  Keep you eyes open for it.

I love how the nine patch fits into the star within a star. 



  1. Looks like a fabulous time! those quilts are beautiful! What a talented group!!

  2. Great post Jan. Looks like you gals are accomplishing a lot in the dreary days of winter!

  3. Love the quilts! This must be a fun way to get some stitching done.

  4. So much eye candy, love it!
    That apron is adorable. I wanted to try my hand at a few aprons.
    That country fabric pannel, reminds me of my younger days
    Thanks so much for sharing, wish I lived closer, you have so much talent surrounding you.

  5. What great projects!!!!! I adore that apron! So cute!

  6. Oh my heavens! This projects are out of this world! Such talent! I do not think I would ever have the patience! TFS!