Monday, September 29, 2014

I have been tagged in a World Wide Blog Hop !

Pretty darn exciting!  Think about it World Wide and today we are in Panguitch Utah.  A small town in Southern Utah close to Bryce Canyon National Park.  Panguitch (you say the last part like sandwich) is a Piute Indian name for 'big fish'  we have a lake above town known for its great fishing.  I was tagged by Deanna at Dream worthy quilts and Quilters Garden and her sites are very cool, and full of everything quilt related.  Take a look and tell me and Deanna what you think.  I am not sure where all the hop has gone but I followed the back trail to some  posts and it is awesome it has jumped across the Pacific several time I think.

My name is Jan Frandsen and I started blogging as way for our guild and sew group to share our work with each other.  It has turned out to be so much fun and I have met (though not all in person)  so many great people.

Here goes with the questions I was asked to cover.  
1- What I am working on? I just finished up this broken dishes quilt I made from a class I took with Jenny Doan at Quilt Walk Festival this year.  Yay! a finish.  I used a layer cake called table for two and some yardage.  
I am also trying to figure out the best way to square up these blocks and get them sashed for what looks like a, larger than usual for me. quilt.  The blocks are 24"  and there are nine of them.  I didn't have enough volunteers to show them all.  
This is from a class I took at the winter quilt festival at Ruby's Inn Last year.

Then I am trying to decide on the backing for this one. I have a piece for it but I like it (the backing I ordered) so much I can think of several other ways to use it so, even though it was ordered for this it may go to something else.  My granddaughter picked out this fabric several years ago.  I hope she hasn't out grown it.
Ok, I confess this is not all I am working on.  I have a binding waiting to be sewn on.  I am thinking seriously about a baby quilt that is needed right away and I have many many works in progress.   I try not to stress and to work on what feels right at any given time.  
2- How does my work differ from others of its genre? I am not sure my work is very different from others unless you count that I have a long way to go to catch up to my friends and quilters around me.  
3- Why do I write/create what I do?  Well, to tell you the truth.  I love love love fabric.  Sometimes I think that I make quilts just so I have a reason to buy new fabric.  I love the softness and the silkiness and the colors and the patterns.  I just plain like fabric and I am awed by those who design and create it. 
4- How does my writing/creative process work?                     Claudia Crump got me started on quilting when she first moved to Panguitch.  I still look to what she is doing when I need a new project.  Because we are a great community of quilters, I get my inspiration from blogs, our sew group and I am so inspired by our quilt guild .  If you look back at my blog you will see trunk shows and show and tells galore.  And then mainly I see fabric I "need"  and have to find a project for it.   

And now on to the "Around the World Blog Hop" I'm
tagging Shannon Fawson who blogs just  across town from me at Fawson Farm.  Shannon is multitalented and quilts, dyes her own wool for her wool projects and in a place like Pangutich where it is hard to grow much of a garden she can grow just about anything.

Next I am tagging Sylvia at BunchBerry Studio
who quilts and teaches classes but the thing that always makes me think of her is the beautiful knitting she does.  I have followed her blog for a long time and am always amazed.

Check out their blogs next Monday for their Around the World Blog Hop posts.
I hope you had a good time here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

More of Jeri's Trunk Show.

This is one of my favorites from her collection. 
 She has some great Christmas quilts I think each of her children have one also.
 This was from some fabric that was at her store she made up to show in the store and it became a favorite.
 This is from a Buggy Barn pattern.  I know she has made quite a few buggy barns she said she really enjoys putting them together 

 These are the fabric colors I like.

 Jeri taught this quilt at the Quilt Walk quite a while ago.  It is pretty darn cute.

I love that this was made with a pannel.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jerilu treated us to her quilts at the quilt guild trunk show.

I will just post pictures so you can enjoy the trunk show.  

Jeri said this is one of her new favorites.  We actually used this pattern for our exchange blocks at Quilt Walk this year.  I like the quilt too.  I am thinking this will go on the list.  And I know I need to
update my list.
This is where I came in in the middle of the quilt.

More to come, she had gorgeous quilts. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I made it to sew night and look at all the fun show and tell.

Becky brought her freshly quilted and bound chicken quilt.  She said it was the most fun quilt she had ever done.  This was from a class she took at the Cedar retreat last winter. 

Love this next one.  I think it is LaVee's ? 

We did something like this at quilt guild but this is one Claudia made a little more...awesome.

Claudia brought this to show us, she is teaching this pattern at festival at Bryce Canyon in February.  I signed up for this one.  

I wanted to sign up for this one too but I only had one day.  
Is this cool or what?

She has a new pattern book and she is going to make all the quilts in it.  This one is so interesting.  It is appliqued on to a whole piece of cloth.  

Here is her finished ultimate round robin quilt from winter fest last year.  I like it so much I signed up for the one this year.  I hope she gets our info out soon.  I want to start right away because as you know I am  a turtle when it comes to sewing.  

Isn't this fun with the embroidery in the center.  I think this is Lauretta's . 

Oh my look at all that work.  I love it.