Monday, August 29, 2011

Laurens quilt is finished

You may know how I stuggle with binding, but I got this one done and it is on it's way to college. 
Louise has been working on this Schnibbles pattern now all the grandkids a speaking this quilt when it is done.  It really turned out cute.  I am loving the piano key border.  Sorry the pictures are not better, I am still using the phone camera since I can't get the card in this computer. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sew night but I think we are all worn out.

We mostly sat around and visited.  I worked on  binding Laurens quilt.  Remember the one made out of sugar and spice fabric.  I will post it when the binding is finished. 

LaVee, Claudia and Helen were crocheting hats.

  Judy brought the fabric for advice on her next quilt. 

Claudia brought these awesome ribbon embroidered   pillow cases that Sheri had done. 

Helen and Claudia brought a great pattern they found at Lazy May that would be so fun for a wedding gift. 

Other than that we sat and talked about sewing and many things.  We agreed that it had refreshed us to be there. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time is relative....

No it should not have taken this long to get it done but well there were lots of things going on.  I decorated this magnet board for my youngest to take to college. It seems like it took along time to put together.  But is is now gone to school and so is she.  How did that happen.  Just yesterday she was tripping up the aisle from preschool graduation and now college.  Time  seems to play tricks on us all.

This doesn't look anything like our original plan for it.  It was supposed to have red and white flowers and red and white rick rack.  I kind of like it though.  It was really fun to make.  Lauren painted the board a bright turquoise and decided to tone it down with a little white.  I made flowers from some tutorials on the web and glued them to the board.  The small flowers are attached to magnets. 
Sorry for the picture I am having to take them with my phone for a while as the port to put my card in the computer is not accepting the card. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cut Cords

I went to sew the binding, on Lauren's quilt
This is what I found. Luckily I called Dave's Bernina and they can fix it fast.  I have kids going that way today but I won't have it back until Wednesday of next week.  Take a deep breath.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sew night....

Jerilu is making progress on her Farmers Wife blocks.  These are the blocks where she is using some of the fabric given to her by Mrs. Lynn. 

Nobody actually brought their machines but we had some show and tell, we visited and Claudia showed us how to cut out a new quilt of wonky trees. She got hers all cut out while we sat and visited with her. It is good to get back into the swing of sew night.  I've really  missed it.   Panguitch in the summer can be hectic.

Here is another hat Helen made.

Oh my, I think this quilt is so cute.  Jeri brought it to work on the binding. 

Here is Lauren's college quilt quilted.  It still needs binding but time seemed to run out today.  

LaVee's sister in law made this bag out of woven placemats.  That inside fabric is fabulous.

This is the quilt you have seen before. It's quilted and ready for binding.  Lauren and I put this together.  She should be warm at school.

Jeri's granddaughter who is twelve put this quilt together.  She did a great job. Marylou quilted it for her and it is so cute.  I love the owls in the fabric.  Fabric is from adorn it.

These hats Helen makes are so cute for big and little girls.