Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bonnie Miles came to our quilt meeting last night.

Beautiful quilts.

This is my favorite of the night.  I think this one is going on my list.  I hope we will have this class at the quilt walk. 

Bonnie's going to market quilt,  this is such a great pattern.

The back of her Kaffe quilt

I liked this a lot.

Bonnie is the one who started our guild it was good to have her there.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Bernina Story....Being in the right place at the right time.

As you all know I am a very lucky lady, I won the Bernina sewing machine at the quilt walk this year.  Lucky!

Becky from Cowboy Collectibles has another lucky Bernina story.  I thought you might like to hear it.  Sorry I could not get the picture of her machine to post. 

My New “Used” Bernina

Jan asked that I share my story of how I acquired my second 220 Bernina. 

Early September before Jessica Reynolds moved away, she came into my shop and asked if I had seen the 220 Bernina on  I told her that I had not seen it, so I jumped on the computer and pulled it up.  Sure enough, there was a barely used 220 Bernina, just like the one I had in the shop for sell for $700.00 in the Salt Lake area.

Jessica knew that my husband Randy had just built me a quilt room in our basement at home and I was looking for a new machine (new quilt room, new machine right??).  So anyway I email the seller and asked if he would take $500.00 and meet me halfway.  I thought all he could do was say no.  But to my surprise, he emailed me back and told me if I picked it up I could have it for $400.00.

It just so happened that my BFF’s (quilting buddy Rochelle) husband was in Salt Lake.  I called him and explained the situation and told me he would be glad to pick it up for me (a true quilter’s husband, thanks Dave).

The next day I had my new “used” Bernina, along with all the extras, approximately 90 rolls of thread, 5 other feet, cutting board, rotary cutter and a box of just miscellaneous sewing stuff.

The transaction was so easy, it was just meant to be.  Thanks to my fellow quilters (Jessica, Rochelle and Dave) for all your help in acquiring my New “Used” Bernina.

Becky Yard

I wish you all lluck.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I found the pictures from last week so, a week late but here they are.

This is a quilt Beck finished from the quilt walk.  It is so pretty IRL.

LaVee hand quilted this beautiful star.

Here we are listening intently to Holly so we can put our books together.  It was kind of like a puzzle.

I don't know if you can see the cute paper but each book will be unique and they are super cute.  Holly spent hours getting the kits ready for us.

Here is Beckys latest block.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sew Night and we made bowls.

Actually I didn't make any but that was the project.  They were a little tricky but didn't look to hard.  These are some of Marylou's finished bowls.  They are made with cloths line and strips of material.  I think I will put this on my project list too. 

Shannon dyes the wool for her projects.  Look at the sky on this.  It will be beautiful. 

She found this piece and the children playing one at Pineneedles.  Very cute. She said she didn't have a project in mind just building her stash.

I have only seen this quilt done in Christmas fabric.  Lavee made this with regular fabric. I think it is really fun.
Here are the ladies working on their bowls.

Shannon finished this piece just in time for the fall holidays.  The color on the leaves is fantastic.

La vee has been making doll cloths for her granddaughters for Christmas. Look at this one. Oh my stars.

I am still having trouble with the picture downloads for blogger.  Sorry the post is so jumbled. 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Wednesday was sew night.

In stead of sewing some of us began making a book like those Holly makes.  Holly did all the work of cutting and putting the kits together.  It was great fun but of course our books are not done.  One more night should do it.  I hope.  She sews on her pages and it makes them look so finished.  I am not sure mine are going to look that good.  I will try to show you the great kits she put together and all of us working so hard as soon as my camera shows back up.  Dianne who is expecting a new grand baby is making the cutest baby book.  Holly really was able to make kits for each of us that fit our personalities. She is going to be teaching the class at the quilt walk this year.  I am thinking of making one to keep pictures of my quilts in. It may take me a couple of years though to fill it up. 
We have sew night again tomorrow because guild meeting was changed to the 27th.  MaryLou is going to show us how to do rope baskets.  It should be fun.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More from sew night. Disclaimer, I have not figured out the blogger picture upload.

I think this is really great fabric that MaryLou got in a kit.  She said she bought 3 kits and they have turned out great this is the third one.  The bottom two pictures of this post are the other two kits.   I am having trouble making the pictures do what I want so they are at the bottom.

These are some more of the booty boots that Becky has been making.  I think they are too cute.

Becky showed us her new ruler and rotary cutter that attaches to it to cut.  It seemed to really work.  Nan measured it and it seemed accurate.

Blocks Becky is working on.

This is Nan's Christmas packages quilt. 

Helen's block for tonight. I love the pumpkin fabric.  It has just a little sparkle in it. 

The two above were Mary Lou's.
Look at these Kaffe fabrics.  This quilt is going to be stunning.