Monday, January 31, 2011

One of the classes at the Quilt Walk Festival this year will be this awesome mini album.

Quilt Walk Festival

Holly is putting the kit together (no need to bring anything) and teaching all the techniques needed to finish it that day.  She did a class for our sewing night and you can see Claudia's results here and mine here.  She gave me one for Christmas with the kids pictures in and it is really stunning. 

It is a fun class and something different and not to high pressure for the last day of the festival.  I will have more about the festival as I get it.  Claudia has posted about celebrity trunk show and teacher this year.  Go on over and see what she has to say.



  1. That is beautiful! She did a really great job! Love the flowers and the just total antique look!

  2. Beautiful!! Hope you'll show us a picture when you get the mini-album loaded with photos.

  3. Beautiful work! I love all the patterns and scallops together!

  4. Such a pretty mini album. so lovely.

  5. awesome mini album that is putting it mildly...what incredible details