Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilt Walk Quilts

Our Quilt Walk Story has inspired not only our Quilt Walk Festival but our quilters as well.  This is one verions of a quilt walk quilt.

Claudia's version and our quilt theme for this year, shows the spirt of the men who made the walk and those mini mini quilts are so tiny and are exact replicas.

This quilt is such a quilters quilt I could not resist showing it here.  I am sorry I can't remember who brought this quilt but it is great fun. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You've got to be kidding!

Joyce named this quilt, I am not sure exactly why, but when I saw all those 1 inch squares I may have said the same thing.   What a great looking quilt.  This is what she has to say on the class list,  "This is a fun quilt to use up some of those scraps you have been holding on to and wondering what to do with. You use 1 ½” strips to make this quilt. Yes there are lots of pieces so don’t get discouraged this is not an overnight project. Learn how to fast piece using the strip method. We will have lots of fun in this class."

This quilt has lots of fun pinwheel blocks. You will learn how to make a quick and easy half-square triangle to make the pinwheel blocks. This is a fun child’s quilt or it would make a cute table topper.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remember the Owls?

This quilt that I found after I saw this party and owl pattern?  Well Anj who put together the owl party Is being featured on Where Women Create and they are giving away all the patterns from the party.  If you are interested go on over.
Sorry, I haven't gotten info on the quilt pattern from its creator yet.

Monday, March 21, 2011

No tears, Promise or fast, fun and fantastic

Sandy Varley is teaching this Happy Scrappy Bargello quilt at the festival this year.  She is making another sample with batiks.  Oh I love these bright colors.  This is what she says about it on the class schedule. "Fast, fun, and fantastic, this quilt is guaranteed to make a big dent in your fabric stash. Choose a color or fabric theme or just go scrappy and go to town! The more fabrics, the merrier!"

 Here is where she promises no more tears. No tears tumbling blocks, No Y seams on these blocks.  I am fascinated with how they go together without the Y's. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

She's done it again!

When I had three little ones I was glad just to get the dishes done.  Holly has made this necklace that is just to cute.   She even tells you how she made it in case you want to do your own. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sew Night, Yay! And a look at the awesome Quilt Walk Quilt.

Jerilu is making these sun dresses for her granddaughters.  Everyone else is trying to figure out which granddaughters they could make them for.  I think the fabric in this one is Penny Lane.

Another one in progress.

For one of our service projects at the Quilt Walk we are making placemats to be taken into the homes of those recieving Meals on Wheels.  It could really brighten up the meal service.  Lana heard about it last week and got busy and made two of each of these.  Very nice.

Helen brought this one to show us and brought the pattern in case anyone wanted to do these.  She said she has a set of 4 of these.  They look like they would be really fun. 

Shannon has her twister sewn together and tonight she started to cut it out.  She got about three rows cut.

This is another tube quilt Marylou made.  She said it just matches her new couch.

Jerilu made this quilt top from Dana Brooks new line of fabric, She-da.  It is so cute and the fabric is just a little different from what else is out there.  The background is a leopard print.  Way cute. 

Here is a closeup of the fabric.  Jeri said the fabric is selling fast and she is almost out.

Donna and Karen worked on the quilt set up at the center.  I think they made good progress. 
Take a look at Helen's new sewing machine.  It just came today so we all had to take a look at it.  It is a Janome and is all metal.  I didn't sew with it but it was very quiet.  I think she is pretty tickled with it.

Here it is almost completed.  The Quilt Walk Quilt for 2011.  I am sorry the pattern name has left the brain right now but I will get it for you.  I can't wait to see it quilted.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simply Beautiful

Today I am highlighting the classes Sylvia Lewis will be teaching at the Quilt Walk Festival this year.  One of the things Sylvia said about her quilts is that she likes simple shapes and designs.  I think these simple shapes and designs have alot of WOW factor.  I really like them.

Another WOW.
I  like that she showed how different types of prints and colors could be used in this quilt. A lady of few words and great talent, This is what she had to say about herself.  "I am a native Utahn. I lived most of my life in Salt Lake City.  My husband and I are now living in Central Utah with 2 spoiled dogs. I have always loved needlework and crafts.  I started seriously quilting in the mid 90's.  I love to work with simple shapes and designs that can be used in a myriad of variations. The last few years I have become addicted to knitting lace and socks."

Oh My, Look at this lace shawl she has done.   Beautiful, but it does not look simple.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It looks like an explosion of color, by Jen Hinwood.

I asked Jen to tell us about herself and her experience with the quilt walk.  Here is what she had to say. 
"Normally my sister Jody Ray and I both teach at Quilt Walk and treat

it as a girl's weekend. Last summer however my husband was in-country

(he lives in Mozambique, Africa) and I wanted him to go to Panguitch

with me. I'm sure the town will never be the same again! On the day I

taught class my sister brought in her sewing machine and worked all

day on a project of her own. This left my husband to roam the town

getting to know shopkeepers, residents and visitors. He can be a bit

of a trouble maker and from his telling, instigated a heated debate

about rugby in one shop. The next day I sewed while my sister taught

and we sent my husband fishing up at the lake. About the time he got

his line in the water it started BLIZZARDING! He fished from the car

until he couldn't see his line in the water for the snow then packed

it in and drove down a very snowy road back to town. As he tells it --

"the girls go off to a relaxing day of quilting and say 'here Honey,

go play with the fish in a blizzard!'" He'd like to come back to

Panguitch with us girls this year but is hard at work in Mozambique. I

am preparing to leave early in April to visit him and will be rushing

back just in time to teach in one of my favorite places -- Panguitch!"
 (Yes the Quilt Walk is the second week of June, remember the lake is pretty high altitude)
Remember the Pineapple is a sign of hospitality.
Who doesn't need a butterfly quilt in their collection.  I would have a hard time keeping this at my house as I can tell it would be a granddaughter favorite.  I will have to make it multiple times.
Check out the Quilt Walk Class schedule for Jen's Classes.

Jen says,,"About me: the most interesting tidbit probably is that our family

spans 5 continents. I have a husband, 4 children, 3 step-children and

6 grandchildren. I've had more pages added to my passport twice and

it's nearly full again. My kids think my occupation should say

'Traveling Gogo' (Gogo is what my grandkids call me; it means 'revered

older woman' in Zulu). I am currently teaching a class called 'Love

Letters from the Civil War' at Salt Lake's newest quilt shop - My

Sister's Quilts. I am also starting a monthly class there called

'Table Topics' in May but my sister will be teaching the first one for

me as I will be overseas. I am taking a sabbatical from long-arm

quilting for the summer and trying to get caught up on some of my own quilting."

This quilt, unique to whom ever it is made for was taught last year at the festival by Jen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look at this quilting. I don't think I have seen quilts like this before. Unique, fabulous.

I asked Lisa if we could see some of her quilts.  They are spectacular.  She sent me these quilts with this information about them. I am loving these. These are her words about these quilts.  " Spiralbound was a 2006 Journal quilt entry, which showed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston & toured to their other shows. I sent one of the whole quilt and  a close-up. It was a piece of white fabric that I painted  then cut up and sewed back together multiple times.

Frog and Sandstone/Uluru are both part of a 12x12" quilt challenge.  Frog was done the same way as Spiralbound. 
Sandstone (based on a pic I took of Uluru in 2009 on a trip to Australia) is just 4 different commercial fabrics, and the color variation in the rock & sky is from the thread color.
The black quilt has couched cording to define the areas to be quilted, and I quilted it with mostly neon threads. This was a challenge for Quilters Holladay last year--making a medallion quilt. I won the "non-traditional" category for that!

This was a piece of white fabric I painted, then just quilted each section with thread that matched the color of the paint.

Lisa Brothman is teaching machine quilting a whole day. Improve your machine quilting skills in the morning, and start quilting your own quilt in the afternoon. The first half of class we’ll start with some basic information and then progress to some free-motion quilting skills and designs. In the afternoon, you will be able to start on your own (smallish) quilt or continue using practice pieces as you wish.

I've been teaching for about 10 years, mostly at the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Festival and at the Winter Quilt Retreat at Bryce Canyon (Ruby's). I've also taught at the Rim country Quilt Round-Up in Payson, Arizona and at Elaine's Quilt Block in the SLC area. I've taught machine quilting for almost that long, and (if it is selected) I'm planning to offer a more advanced class at this year's UQG Quilt Fest. I try to keep my classes stress-free, and from what I've heard from my students, I'm relatively successful."