Saturday, January 22, 2011

Show and Tell from guild meeting

there are so many talented ladies here. Connie is having twin granddaughters. She didn't want to do the matchy thing with their quilts. I think these are great. There is a lot of work in those blocks. I bet these will become favorites.

Last year each month was a new flower block.  Here is Sherri's put together.

this quilt was made for Iris.  The colors are not showing up well but it was made of stormy blues.

I know who did these quilts but my mind is drawing a blank.  If they are yours please comment or send me a note.  They are great.

I really like chains.

The applique flowers in the corners really finished off Kay's quilt. 

I am sorry my computer keeps kicking me off the Internet so I will post the rest of the pictures next time. 


  1. Ohh my these are all so beautiful.
    Did anyone come up with a name for your quilt?

  2. Wow! These quilts are SO great! You DO have a bunch of talented ladies! Thanks so much for sharing their beautiful work!

  3. The photos look great, don't have any to add. Now I just have to remember to bring my camera...

    Bev Lowe

  4. OK, so now I'm no longer A nonymous...

    (I always wondered what I was!!) LOL!!!