Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Quilt Walk site is up.

Classes will be added next month.  I am reviewing all of Jenny's tutorials and can't decide which ones I hope she teaches.  I really can't decide there are so many from her that are on my to do list.
 love these falling charms.  I have just the right pack for this or

 maybe the churn dash. This will be a great Quilt Walk Festival.  For those of you new to the Quilt Walk here is a link to the story of the Quilt Walk.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We had our holiday party at guild last week, And the mystery quilter was.....

Marie Barton,  Marie gives her quilts away pretty fast so she had to gather up what she could to show us.  The first one she showed was one of her first and it has been well loved.  She said that while she had it back she would fix it.  I was impressed with the fact that as she showed them to us she could check each label to tell who it belonged to.  She also had a photo album with all her quilts in.  What a great idea.