Friday, December 7, 2012

Sneak peak, Twister, fun fabric

Dianne brought her freshly quilted Twister and it is my favorite twister so far.  

JeriLu brought some really great giraffe fabric to show us.  Some of the ladies were wondering what you would use it for.  Not a worry for me as I keep fabric just because I like it.  I have fabric that makes me smile and I may never find a way to "use" it. 

And here is the sneak peak.  The Blocks for the opportunity quilt for the Festival are done.  Is that not the best Christmas fabric?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eye Candy from Sew Night

This has been in the camera for a few weeks, sorry, I don't accomplish as much as I used to in the same amount of time.  And yet, time flies by.
Fun and Scrappy, I don't remember the name of this one.  If you are interested let me know and I will ask. 

Becky and Loretta took a twister class in St. George.  I think she said it was at Dave's Bernina.  Dave's donates the Bernina for the Quilt Walk each year.  

Helen is always coming up with something new.  She has made this cute neck scarf for a granddaughter.  What a  good sport she is to model it for us. 
Shannon is making these wool panels that will become a tree skirt.  

And this is Loretta's twister from the class. 

I think this is Mary Lou's fun top.

Jeri Lu made this one and I think I would love to have every fabric in it in my stash.  This is the pattern we will use for the opportunity quilt at Quilt Walk this year.  

Friday, November 2, 2012

Show and tell at Quild

After the feast we had looking at Judi's quilts we got to look at some from our own members. Shannon Showed her wall hanging and then I showed a quilt I had been working on the binding for several years.  Lana finally took it and finished it for me.  It is not here as I didn't have anyone take a picture of it but it has been on the blog before.  

Sandy is making this baby quilt so she will be prepared for the next grandbaby. 

this was a quilt made by Mary when she was in seventh grade.  It was later stolen.  People had been on the look out for it.  She got word it was going to be in an auction.  They had cut the name out of the label and she had no way to show that it was hers.  Her husband went to the auction and brought back the quilt.  He would never tell her how much he had to pay to get it back.   

Sorry I can't remember the story behind these next three but I think they are great.  

Sheri was in Montana and found these great hankys.  She said it was fun just to sew them together and have a quilt top.   

She also found this piece of her favorite halloween fabric ever so picked up a few yards of it.  She then made a Halloween quilt. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More from the Green Fairy aka Judi

More quilts from our guild meeting.  We had a trunk show by Judi of Green Fairy Quilts.  Again I will say....Holy Smoke! That girl can quilt. 

 Here is the back to this top one.  

She said she quilted this one for a friend. 

 She made this for her little girl I think it is called all grown up.  she is seven 

Is this one awesome or what?  I believe it is an award winner.  A big award but I can't remember.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Green Fairy came to visit.

I am not talking about Tinkerbell,, even if her new movie is coming out soon.  I am talking about Judi and Clint of Green Fairy Quilts.  They came to our quilt guild.  What a fun night.  Judi had quilts of all of the patterns she has made, and the quilting she has done.  Holy smoke! that girl can quilt.

I bought this pattern.  I love checks. 

She said this is a pattern that Clint made up.I like it a lot. 

She told the story of how they got the name Green Fairy Quilts, when her mom would leave the house and there was still work to do she would always say she hoped the green fairy would do it.
Clint wanted her to do a fairy quilt and this is her design.  It is more pink than coral.

What a great quilt.  Green Fairy also is an online store where you can buy the latest precuts. 

I love bright colors. 

Sorry I flipped this several times and it still comes out sideways.  I thougt it was too cute to leave out. 

More to love with these.  

Lana got this pattern it is soooo adorable. 
I have more pictures to show tomorrow.