Saturday, October 29, 2011

What was I thinking?

Actually I love this boot pattern but get a look at some of the prints I used in the boots.  Oh my!  They must have all been in my, at the time, very meager stash.  These blocks are from at least 10 years ago.  Yep, I ran across them when I was playing with my fabric the other day.

I still have a yard or so of this yellow and green. 

I will confess to being the worst procrastinator.  I made 19 blocks.  One more block and the quilt would be ready to go.  At this point I am going to rethink it, and use 16 blocks.  I thought at one time I might do the broomstick cowboy poem on the 20th block but the boys have grown and times has changed. 
Do you have blocks that you look at and think, oh my, what was I thinking? 
Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This has to be my favorite fat quarter bundle.

I have not seen it before. Well except that I bouught it and it is in my stash.   I love blue and white and it has such a vintage feel to it. 

I love how they wrapped it up using the lights on one side and the darks on the other.  I couldn't bring myself to open it because it looks so good.

I also found these awesome bali pops, I probably should have gotten two the same color but it was too much fun to buy pink lemonade and cotton candy.  Now what am I going to do with these.  I am a newby to batiks. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Highlights from my stash. Found one Ruby

Ruby fabric is the new bliss.  What am I going to do with this fabric?  It is almost to good to cut into.  I will have to wait until the right project comes along.  Do you think it will speak to me "use the Ruby."

And a fat quarter bundle of Sew Cherry.  What a great line.  So far I have not ever used any fat quarter bundles.  I have always used yardage and guess I will just keep these for a while.

Just think of the possibilities.

This piece is my very favorite of this line.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Look at the beautiful layer cake

Ok I took my new project to sew night on Wednesday, took it out of the package and one of the layer cakes I needed was not there.  Ok, where the devil did I put it.  I spent the night sorting the fabric I did have and visiting. Sometimes I forget how soothing it is to play with fabric.
This layer cake is  called Spring Magic by Moda and I know it is from a couple of years ago but it is soooo pretty.  Every piece is great. (Sorry not sure why one side of the photo is dark. )
 Thursday I started out looking for the spring magic but couldn't quit when I found it. 
I just enjoyed the afternoon browsing though my fabric closet.   I am going to show you my favorite finds of the day later, but  that  yard of green fabric you can see in the center of the picture was in a bin and I had bought it at quilt walk a couple of years ago because it was such a great piece.  It is Spring Magic! Perfect for binding this new quilt. Great find in my stash.
If you can't tell from the picture I am finally going to start my Snibbles quilt plan C.  I have loved this since I first saw it but it had to take a back seat to other projects. 

Look at this great clear bin Jerilu found.  The new project fits it perfectly.  I could use more of these. 
More fabric joy later.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sew Night-----and sirens

I finally made it to sew night. It is so nice to go get something done, visit and sew.  MaryLou won this quilt at our Hospital foundation dinner last week.  What a lucky girl. 

She made this one from a kit.  I really like the medallion and the fabric.

Last month at guild meeting they taught how to make this block.  This is MaryLous.

Claudia was trimming hers up and got it laid out.  I think she said this was her third one with this block.  I really like it.  The blocks were 16 1/2 inches. 

Helen has been making these for her grandchildren each year for Christmas.  She said her oldest grand will have forty of them this year.  She is starting on the greats to.

LaVee made this adorable baby quilt to have on hand.  I remember those little pull toy dogs. 

Here is Becky's sampler from guild.  She said she felt it needed something so look what she did to the corner.

I think it really adds to the character of the quilt. 

Now for the sirens.  We have a fairly quiet little town and while we were setting there, mostly visiting, we could hear the sirens start to wail it go closer and closer and we were thinking what the devil is going on.  It finally dawned on us that today was our state cross country meet.  Our Girls won state and around here any state title deserves a fire truck escort.  They did the same thing for our baseball team a few weeks ago and for our debate team last spring. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember this quilt? The quilt has another side to it.

Bonnie showed us this quilt as an "I spy" then showed us this side that really is striking. 

These are pretty awesome novelty prints for the "I Spy"  but I think the best part of the this is the bubble quilting.

This is definately on my list.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I don't know if you have been following JohnaLee's blog but

if not I wanted to link to her post asking for blocks for some very special quilts.
The Scrappy Apple Yard

Here is the link to her latest post, in case you want to help her out.  link
I know they will be beautiful and from the heart of many quilters. 

I am glad to have quilts to show.

Bonnie had more to show us.  She made this quilt from leaders and enders.  I really like the red and white. 

wool applique squares to be used on a "bucket"  these are 3 D in some parts.  Very unique.

I think the little bird is my favorite.

She talked about half square triangles and fast easy ways to make them.  I really like all these quilts made with them. 

Amazing half square triangles. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quilt guild night

 guild was tonight.  Bonnie Miles was our guest and she always teaches us something new, a better way to do something, and has lots of beautiful quilt projects.  She also let us know that the Winter Quilt Retreat at Ruby's will be open for registration on the 13th. 

She showed us some techniques for paperpiecing some projects.  These umbrella girls are so something that need to go on my list. 

Love this pattern. 

Another paper piecing pattern.  Really awesome.

Here she showed us a new block from a four patch.  This is going to be fun to make and will work with different sizes. 


put back together. 

I will have more to show you tomorrow.