Monday, January 10, 2011

Do you all remember these? Finishes

Dianne took the feathered star class at the QuiltWalk last summer.  It is awesome piecing.  She made it into a baby quilt.  Notice the boots in each corner.  I love the color scheme and what a great idea for a little boy.  This little boy came early so she was glad to have the quilt done.  It has minki on the back and is so soft. 

This cute baseball quilt has baseballs quilted into each corner.  There is minki on the back of this one too. 

 Obviously I don't know how to move the pictures around.  This should have been the first one.

She  has this quilt finished.  The baby has it now.  It turned out great.

this is it before binding but oh my, is it a total little boy--the name of the pattern is "rough and tumble"  it just fits.

We are all getting anxious for Wednesday, we have not had sew night since November and it is time to get back to it. 



  1. These are all so beautiful. Looks like everyone is having boys ;)
    To move the pictures around, just click on one, when you get to the arrow just drag the picture in whichever order you want.
    I like to post all of my pictures first before I write anything.

  2. Can you tell me a little bit about the pattern for the "rough and tumble" quilt? I am a paleontologist and would love to make a quilt with dinosaurs on it!

  3. Beautiful quilts Jan. Looks like you gals are accomplishing a lot! Miss ya!