Monday, March 31, 2014

Have you ever joined in a Round Robin Quilt?

In Krisanne's classes you come to class with your blocks already made, to the size and theme that she gives you.  You then share your blocks and put it together with a prearranged pattern.   I noticed that her class is on Thursday so, in theory  if you sew on it during the festival, the top could be finished by Saturday.  I asked for some examples of extreme round robin quilts and this is what she sent.  The theme for the festival is “The Quilting Friends attend the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival”  I thought it would be hard at first but I looked at these and decided it would be nothing but fun.    Krisanne asked me to tell you that the class will be closed on April 15th if you are thinking of signing up for this one NOW is a good time. 

 Halloween quilt, the kids would look at it for hours. 
 This "State Fair" is my favorite.  I think I even see "Wilber."

 I am writing this on March 20, although It will post later, I thought how appropriate for the first day of spring.  
This is Claudia's that she made at winter retreat. 


Friday, March 28, 2014

I love Melissa's patterns and she is going to teach them to us.

Melissa began quilting about 12 years ago when she asked her mother to teach her the basics so she would have something to do in the evenings while her husband was studying for school.  She enjoyed make baby blankets for friends and the occasional large blanket.    In 2010 Melissa discovered the "online" world of quilting and created her quilting blog - Happy Quilting.  And at that point, quilting turned from a hobby, to a passion.
In the last 3 years Melissa has expanded her blog reaching thousands of viewers.  The content includes her daily quilting adventures which are filled with the over 40 free tutorials, guest blogging at other's sites, participating in on-line quilting challenges, hosting Quilt-A-Longs and so on and so on.  She has been published in McCalls and Quiltmaker many times, and has been published in 3 quilting compilation books, Sweet Celebrations, Kitchen Stitches and Modern Baby.  Melissa began publishing her own patterns in 2012 and absolutely loves teaching them!!!  She loves to share her passion of quilting and that passion can be felt by all who attend her classes.  They are filled with upbeat energy, great quilting tips, and all-around good quilting times!
To see more about Melissa and her daily quilting adventures - check out her blog at

Melissa is teaching Starburst on Thursday morning
In your neighborhood is the name of this next quilt and she is teaching this quilt on Thursday afternoon.

This is so modern looking to me. 

I just checked and some of the classes are filling up fast.  If you want to take a special class let the ladies know soon.  Register here

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sew night

We didn't have very many to show but the quality made up for it.
This is Jerilu's new quilt. Isn't it a beauty?  It is flannel and she made the triangles from the triangles on a roll.  She said it is easy and awesome stuff.  I have been a little afraid to try them  because I couldn't quite figure it out but I might have to give it a try.
 She said this is from a kit she bought at winter retreat last year.
 She has the best dish towels at the store and she is using this pattern on them.  I don't think you can see it but there are little flowers on this girls dress. 
 Shannon has been working on a wedding gift and it is a work of art.  All done in denim, she has added names and sayings and all good wishes for the special couple.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I asked Patty for some extra pictures and info on the quilt classes she will be teaching and also a little about herself.  I hope these help you all get to know the teachers a little better.  

"the first two pic’s are of the string quilt that I will be teaching in June (I had someone e-mail me earlier this week letting me know that she had signed up!), the fourth pic is of blocks for the quilt.

The third pic is something that I am currently working on – the Quiltsmart method, Black Eyed Susan using batiks.

 This is the third year that I have taught classes at the Quilt Walk.  I have sewn most of my life and started quilting about twelve years ago.  Last year, my quilting goal was to finish projects that I had already started and use fabric that I had on hand.  I finished four quilts (including the The Dark Side….or Not, Layer Cake Quilt that I am also teaching in June).  I wanted to do something will my scraps and come across the pattern for the string quilt and despite all of the scraps that I used in this quilt, did not even make a “dent” in the bucket of scraps and you know what that means – another quilt!   I love the Quilt Walk, it brings together people who share a common bond (or thread!) and celebrates the wonderful history of Panguitch."

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lisa Brothman, Here's what she had to say about quilting and Quilt Walk....

"I started quilting in 1988 when I realized I had to do something with the scraps I had left after making clothing.  The first quilt I completed was a Log Cabin in a Day quilt for my brother & his new wife.  The day of the class, most people finished 5 or 6 blocks.  I had limited time, so I really went at it and got 15 blocks done!  After I moved to Utah, I became more involved in quilting and the quilting community.  I started teaching about fifteen years ago, and have taught at local quilt shops, Quilt Fest, Winter Quilt Retreat (Bryce) and at Quilt Walk.  I've also taught in Arizona.  I've won numerous ribbons for my quilts in various shows around the West.  My big love is using my sewing machine, so I'm happiest when I'm playing with fabric and my power tools.
This is only my second time teaching at the QW.  The last time, I had such a good time--I loved the quilts, vendors and all the people who were there helping.  I missed last year because I was out of town, but I hope the students will welcome me back!

My classes are Charlie Brown and Scrappy Staircase.  I've included a couple of photos of Scrappy Staircase blocks, showing just a couple of the different ways it can be put together.  Charlie Brown can also be swapped around for different settings.  I encourage my students to have fun with the class and maybe teach me something new!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you want to learn how to machine quilt, these classes are for you. Renae Allen is one of the best teachers around

You will absolutely leave here class feeling like you will be able to do your own quilts.  I am signed up for one of her classes this year.  I asked her to give us some info about her quilting journey. the Panguitch Quilt Walk, some of her samples  and this is what she sent me.  "The first is is full of feathers and fills. 
 My husband named it “Quatro Décennie” which mean four decades in French, because we are in our fourth decade of marriage. 
The second picture is one I just completed.  I haven't named it yet.  It is a English paper pieced Dresden Plate.  It also has feathers and fills for quilting.

I began sewing when I was a child and sewed clothing for myself and my family for many years.  I thought quilting was a waste of time. Why would anyone want to cut big pieces of fabric into little pieces, sew them back together again and still not have anything to wear?   My sister is a quilt designer and needed help in her business.  I began quilting samples and piecing and quilting duplicates for her business. My previous quilting experience was in my teens helping my mother tie and quilt by hand.  I confess that I never liked hand quilting but after I discovered machine quilting I was hooked.

My first visit to Quilt Walk was helping my sister, Janet Selck, teach a couple of classes.  We had a delightful time meeting wonderful quilters in a very nice community. A few years later someone suggested I teach machine quilting at Quilt Walk and I decided to send in a proposal. My husband encouraged me because he wanted to hike in nearby beautiful Bryce Canyon. We both had a great time and we are looking forward to this, our fourth year!"  
Thanks Renae. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jill Cox--Teacher Spotlight

I asked Jill how she got started in quilting and what she would like to tell us about Panguitch Quilt Walk.  Here it is in her own words. "How did my adventure in quilting start?  Many people have asked and it all goes back to my childhood.  As far back as I can remember I have always loved to do needlework – especially sewing.  My mother was a wonderful seamstress and I remember the day she got the new Singer Golden Touch sewing machine.  This machine had just come out on the market and I was so excited to try it out.  I started by making clothing and such.  As I got closer to finishing high school I talked my mom into helping me hand quilt my first quilt.  It was a whole cloth quilt.  I still have that quilt to this day.  I remember the “roll as you go” quilting frame that just came out that she purchased for me.  I was set.  As I moved on and got married I started making quilts for my children.  That just did not seem to satisfy my curiosity and so I took an adult education class on quilt making from Tamara Boren in Utah County.  That got me hooked.   She got me in touch with Utah Valley Quilt Guild and later the Utah Quilt Guild where I eventually served as President.  What a blessing knowing and working with so many talented ladies has been.  Each of my 4 children have made a quilt, even my sons.

At Panguitch this year I want to show people how to use color and how to make quilt tops pop!  I believe each quilt top tells a bit of our story and that story needs to be told again and again.  I am teaching a bargello class.  Bargellos are so fun to make and no one bargello looks like another.  Everytime I have taught this class, the quilt tops are absolutely stunning.  The wave you learn to create from the fabric choices and cutting tips will make your quilt sing.  They are all so fun and unique.

The pinwheel star quilt top is so fun to make.  This class is great for everyone.  It is great if you have scraps you want to use up or if you have a theme for your quilt.  This class will teach you how easy it is to do partial seams.  You will also learn how to put together all those exchange blocks that you have accumulated from others.  After taking this class you will not be worried about joining a block exchange .  Come and get excited as we enjoy and relax as we use our creativity." 

 I have taken this class from Jill and it is fun and the quilt was adorable.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Show and Tell, the end (for this time)

Here is Mary's Jelly roll race quilt.  Love the colors on this one.  

 More of the disappearing pinwheels.  I am going to have to get going on these.  I think that is Gwen hiding behind this one.
Sheri likes to make pillows for her sofa each season and holiday.  She made these two for Christmas and used them again for Valentines.  Good plan Sheri.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh Yay, tomorrow is PIE or pi day. 3.14 pi right?

Strawberries and Cream pie, oh yes please.  I found this at just putzing around the kitchen blog. I wish I could say that I made this pie but baking even cooking have been put on the back burner for a while here.  This one  makes my mouth water, looks like spring and like it tastes heavenly.   I have it  at the top of my pie board on pinterest to remind me to try this one next.

Happy Pie Day 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Show and Tell

I told you Claudia has been busy.  Besides this quilt,
She has made this
and this.  the pin in the center is from Ben Behunin when he was at winter retreat.  
And this
 This is for a Granddaughter.
 And this.  This is the round robin quilt from winter retreat.  We are having one taught by Krisanne Watkins at Quilt walk this year called the ultimate round robin.
  It would be so fun if you would join us for that.