Monday, September 26, 2011

More past quild pictures, I love the look of this first one

Isn't this georgeous.  I just have to show all the pictures.

The back is as great as the front.

Look at this bag done in wool applique. 

I think it is so cute. 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

More from quilt guild

Here is Lorna with her landscape of Red Canyon, if any of you have been on Utah route 12 you will recognize this tunnel.

Love how scrappy this is. The centers are yoyo's

like this but

love this.  Is this awesome quilting that you can see from the back.

I thought this was a farmers wife quilt but found out it was a Dear Jane and the blocks are 4.5 inches.  Oh my that would be the end of me.  I would be so stuck I couldn't go forward or backward.   I know there is a quilt along going on for this out in blogland.  I think you can get to it from Bee in My Bonnett.

I am slow loading the pictures so will try to have more up tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Block of the month

Do you remember when I showed you the new BOM we were doing in guild.  We were doing black and white and then each month we pick a crayon out of the jar and that is our accent color for the block.  I though I would show you some of the blocks.

I can't wait to see more.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I still have no way to post pictures except from my phone and

I hated the way those turned out so I have just been  trying to figure something else out.  I have ordered a card reader for the computer as all other means of getting the pictures on here have failed.
  Posting without a picture seemed so boring, so I borrowed one from the Pioneer Womans site.  Today for lunch I  made Chicken Fried Steak and  used her recipe.   I have made this meal many times but, hadn't in a long time.  When I had 3 growing boys this was the type of meal we had often. I saw this recipe on her site and  had to fix it.  I did use a mix for the gravy and won't do that again it was very peppery and  gravy from a roux just tastes like the real deal.  My dad loved this kind of food and it made me think of him today when we sat down to eat. 

Since school started I have been working on a few mini albums and will try to post those soon.  Quilt guild is Wednesday night so I hope my card reader gets her soon.