Monday, January 24, 2011

the last pictures I got from show and tell

Remember how I said I love chains?  I love double and triple chains even more. 

Sandy's daughter came and they spent their time sewing.  Are these soooo cute. 

Mary had a whole stack of these given to her by a friend. 

And Last of all doesn't this chicken and egg quilt just tickle your fancy.  It does mine.  Until next time.


  1. Love that chicken and egg! Do you know what the pattern is called? That is so cute.

  2. What fun show and tell. The little shoes are so cute. And the chickens are very fun.

  3. Love it all! Great show and tell Miss Jan!

  4. Oh everything is so beautiful. Love that 1st quilt. Those boots are adorable, would love the pattern. I can't believe someone just gave away those block, lucky lady. Those chickens or are they roosters, put a smile on my face :)