Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I think Applique is charming.

Rubyslipperz is doing an interview with Amy on her blog today.  You might want to take a look. 

These turtles are one of my very favorite quilts of the show.

Two of the booths that I really enjoyed were mostly applique.  This first one was new to me and soooo cute.  These are from Amy Bradley Designs  again too cute.

The Second booth was by a designer I have talked about before, do you remember the story of the worry dolls?  Well I was so excited when I saw Kellie's Don't Look Now Booth  there were the worry dolls and so much more.  The booth was fantastic and full of beautiful appliqued quilts and wall hangings and oh my. 

the vehicles on this bed quilt were awesome.

Here are the worry dolls.   l loved every one of them.  Those pillows would be so cute to personalize.  I wonder how long a doll would take to do.  I am afraid that by the time I got one done the little girl would have grown up and gone.

Her Christmas trees are awesome.  The wreath is beautiful.  Someone said it didn't look much like a Christmas wreath but I think it does if you live in Australia.

I hope you enjoyed these. 



  1. thanks for letting me vicariously be at this quilt "walk"! (pssst...I'm doing an Amy Bradley interview and pattern giveaway over at "my" place =D)


  2. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!
    The link to the post you were looking for is: