Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thouroughly modern quilts

I have pictures of a large number of quilts that are pretty modern.  I don't usually do modern but these really caught my eye.  These quilts are from the school house day. 

I have more modern quilts from the show room.  I will add a few of these and make another post of them because I took quite a few pictures of what I thought was modern.  Not wonky but more than traditional.

this quilt is from Anaka's Treasures and is in her new book I think.

I took this picture because I bought some bali pops at sample spree and thought this would be a fun quilt to use them in.  The cream one with brights.  I do like the darker one to. this was on the end of the Hoffman booth.

Love this zig zag quilt.  It is on my list.  I believe this is in the Lencien booth.

This was at school house.  The class talked about doing borders as blocks rather than strips.  The quilts were really striking. 

The black on this quilt is done in blocks.  I loved this quilt.

Another one from Anaka's Treasures

Enjoy! Jan

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  1. Each one of these quilts are just as stunning as the next.
    Beautiful work.