Monday, May 16, 2011

More pictures.......I am not sure exactly where to start so I think I will just dive in.

 I did not know that Quilt Soup had their own fabric line.  I am really liking the way it looks in a quilt.   Their booth was bright and cheerful.
I am wanting to see more of this magazine after seeing this display.  I believe all these quilts have been featured in American Patchwork Quilting.

I am usually not a halloween quilt person but I thought this one was probably the cutest wall hanging ever. It and the turtle quilt are by Brandywine Design

Me and My Sister  booth was so much fun.  They even had hopscotch to really play in a quilt.  What fun for a little girls room.  Take a look at the head and footboard of this bed it is crochet.  How cool is that?

I guess you all know I love owls and I thought these were great.  As I was looking at the owls, Jerilou said look at this and it is such fun.

Sorry it is taking forever to load the pictures.  Will get back with more soon.

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