Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remember the Katie Cupcake "My Favorite Bag" post?

It has been viewed the most on my blog. post about the bag.  At Quilt Market  I saw Amy's booth and... great news she has made a smaller version of this bag!  She also has a new fabric line out that is pretty dang cute. 

Her new fabric is not out yet but is gorgeous

I can think of some great patterns for this.  The colors she has created are my colors.

Enjoy Jan!


  1. oh, see, here is something I missed...I didn't realize this version of her bag was smaller...I might have to make this one!

  2. Isn't she sweet. Just testing her pattern for her now. It's a fun one. I'll show and tell it while I'm in Panguitch. Hey I missed seeing you on my class list. I will miss you.