Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's the week before our Quilt Walk Festival...the town is all decked out with quilts on every corner of Main and Center

Our statue looks so good in his new park.  Hundreds of quilts are being readied for display.  Women all over the southwest are cutting fabric, cleaning their machines and filling bobbins in anticipation.  We are going to be having a sew in, an open area for sewing, trunk shows every day, fifty  or more classes  and (a little self pitty here)
I won't be there.  How did that happen I have a blog all about the quilt walk, we talk about the quilt walk from one year to the next?  About a month ago I got notice that a conference I need to attend will only be held in Utah the very same week as the Festival.  I am hoping to finish in time to get back to a Saturday class.  The conference is 7 hours away however, I am hopeful.  I have been trying to decide on a class for Saturday. I think that I am going to shoot for the hunters star.  Now to find fabric in the stash.  Any feed back or pictures of hunter stars you have made would be appreciated.  Above is the picture Cheryl posted for the class. 
The ones I have seen  have been two contrasting colors.  like this.  Help me decide.

Enjoy, Jan


  1.'re making me a little sad girlie! Can't believe I won't be there either!

  2. Enjoyed seeing you at market so much. Will miss you and everyone. I am thinking of going to Ruby's next year though. By then Maybe I'll be ready for it. Thanks