Thursday, February 7, 2013

Remember Mary's bird quilt that was stolen

And the label had been cut out so she couldn't prove it was hers?

Mary's quilt

Well I saw this on Pinterest today and thought that we should do this for our quilts as well as label them.  How about also taking a picture of us with our quilts.  Just for our own documentation.
this is an awesome antique and I  did get permission to show you this.
Sewing diary of fabric samples from clothing worn by Ann Eliza Cunningham. Cunningham's handwritten notes accompany many samples and indicate variously where the fabric was purchased, who made it into clothing, who wore it, and where it was worn. The notes appear to have been written in retrospect, probably about 1885-90; the fabrics date from 1841 to 1890. Many of the samples are sewn on pages, although some are loose in the book
How great would it be to have a book like that from your grandmother or great grandmothers quilts.

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