Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Emily Bailey is Amazing

She is teaching two classes at the Festival this year.  I love the name of this quilt it is called 'Pizza and an Movie.' And it is a great quilt.  So modern.  I have always hesitated to do circles but I think I would trust Emily to teach me.  
 This one she calls  'bright and black free for all quilt' or one block endless possibilities.

I asked her to tell us a little about herself and the quilt walk.  She posted this to me. 

"I would love to tell you about my past experiences at Quilt Walk.

"I've been going to Quilt Walk for four years now.  Every time has been delightful.  I have made so many new friends, from the ladies who take my classes, to the wonderful people who put so much time and effort into making Quilt Walk so enjoyable.  Everyone is so friendly.  Never be afraid that you don't have anyone to go with, you will always find a friend at Quilt Walk.  

The lunch time programs are great.  I truly enjoy the trunk shows.  There is so much talent and inspiration to be had by each guest they have display their quilts.  Then there is all the wonderful prizes and the fun over the lucky chair.  

I must admit I look forward to Quilt Walk every year.  I know I will make new friends, improve my skills and have a good laugh.  I would recommend it to every quilter."

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  1. I sure love that second quilt you show = I think a design wall would be necessary!