Saturday, February 9, 2013

I got some sewing in today !

Yay,  actually I have had time a couple of times this week but for some reason I have just been dragging and couldn't get in the mood.  What ?  Not in the mood that  doesn't sound right.

I got the insides done on this quilt--it is made with lilly Ashbury's Gypsy Girl line.  I had 4 braids done and it just was not right.  I ordered a second jelly roll and made a 5th braid.  I was sewing along  really on a roll,  even using another quilt I found as an ender.  This says it all,
true story.  By the time I got the bobbin loaded the spool was out and I had to go grab another spool of thread.  Normally that would distract me enough that I would be done.  I am so proud.  I now have at least the insides together.  I thought I would use Kona Snow to border it but it didn't look like I thought it should so I am going play around with some other fabrics this week to see what strikes me.  

Now about the enders I used today.  I found a box that contained a quilt I had cut out about 12 ,yes 12, years ago.  It is called a shoe box quilt because you cut the blocks out and for each row you put the pieces in a quart ziploc bag and it will all fit in a shoe box.  I had made one and given it to My Aunt and Uncle and it was lost.  Anyway, twelve years ago I did not know about strip quilting.  So this quilt has many little pieces.  I got three rows done.  There were already 8 rows done so I have about 5 more to do.  Sometimes when I find something from that time period I look at the fabric and go "what was I thinking" but this fabric is still on my 'love it' list.  
Have you registered for the Quilt Walk yet?  I am still considering one more class.  

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  1. I so hear you about the bobbin running out ;)
    I posted the taco dip recipe on my blog today :)