Saturday, July 17, 2010

More from sew night

Kenda finished up the stitching on this wool piece.  She said the background was from the back of a suit jacket.  Very cute.

Is this just the greatest looking little sewing machine?  Nan brings it to sew night and I swear she gets more done than anyone. 
Which layout do you like best?When  "organizing the closet" I found these squares.  These are from quilt walk about 5 years ago.  Like I said a good starter. Nan and Jerilu helped me lay them out.  Now I have to decide which way I like better.  What do you think?   I don't want to make more squares.  I am open to suggestions for borders also.  I have more of the white and blue strips and have a red that would work with them. 



  1. Oh my gosh that machine! I love my little black singer but that red. I'm swooning.

  2. Oh My I love that red machine.