Thursday, July 29, 2010

As I said before "I love Sew Night"

We had our sew night last night.  Dianne said she heard that socializing was better for your health than either healthy eating or exercising.  So we are doing this for our health.

I had to give you all another look at Nan's pretty little machine.
Claudia had brought these books, wow they were filled with things for the to do list.  I spent the night looking at these instead of binding my quilt.  You know I love binding.

Claudia and Diane are working on the same Civil war BOM.  It is going be a beautiful quilt.

LaVee is making her grandaughter a skirt.  I can't wait to see it finished.

I will add more tomorrow.  Enjoy


  1. I ran into Nan at Quilted Works yesterday, and I mentioned I saw her on both your and Claudia's blogs. She said "I hope they didn't show any pictures of me!"
    I think I have most of the books Claudia brought, and they are among my most favorites. Fun group projects.

  2. It looks like you really have fun. Most of the books look familiar, we have those at the Corn Wagon. I get to look at books alot. Keep on binding!