Friday, June 18, 2010

If all else the instructions.

My mother used to say that everyday.  She was a business teacher, teaching typing to high school students, in the days before computers.  She probably said it every day for most of her teaching career.  I am telling you this because it is something I should know.  But, I failed to read the instructions.  The last day of the quilt walk I had to be out of town, before I left I ran to the festival and took some pictures in the classrooms.  I thought I got some great shots.  Last night we had our quilt guild meeting.  I thought I had some great shots again.   I took out the card put it in the computer and could not find the pictures.  Well the camera instruction was telling me that the card was full. I had  neglected to "read the instructions."  I lost some great pictures. 

More pictures from show and tell. 

If you finished something from the festival let me know. 



  1. Oh, no! Feel free to use any of my pictures from Quilt Walk.

  2. My dream is to make a quilt such as these. I live vicariously through your blog.