Saturday, June 19, 2010

I took my mom shop hopping

No, not the one going on up north but our own little shop tour.
mom is not a quilter or seamstress but yesterday her car needed to be repaired in ST. George. We had a few hours to wait so I took her to a few of the quilting stores in the area. She really seemed to enjoy it. Everyone was so nice and there were some great quilts and beautiful fabric and even treats.
Our first stop was Quilted Works their quilts were awesome and there were tons of them. I added several to my list from there. Mom even gave me some ideas for Christmas by seeing the quilts she was drawn to.

  This  quilt made with Amy Butler prints was the first one to catch her eye.  I would not have picked it out for her but it might be her Christmas next year.  The quilt at the top of the post was another that she quickly picked out.
for some reason the rest of the quilts are not showing up.  I will work on the problem and try to update later.


  1. Quilted Works is my favorite shop in St. George. Not only do they have wonderful fabrics and quilts, they also have THE nicest staff. I sometimes teach classes for them, anf they are great to work with.

  2. Every time I'm in St. George, which is every 5 weeks I make sure I stop at all of them. I spend all my money I make teaching classes at Dave's Bernina down there. I hope to see you sometime in a class there. Check out their website for the schedule. Or e-mail and I can tell you all about them and the dates.