Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 2 of the Quilt Walk Show and Tell, Classes and more--

This beautiful blue and yellow quilt was made by Donna G. for her daughter during the daughters illness.  It took her longer than planned but was well worth it.   I kept going back to look at this quilt.  It was one of the show quilts and each time I looked I saw a new detail.  It appeared to have been hand quilted. extra ordinary, volunteers.  Louise and Sharron.  It takes a village to run to quilt festival and Panguitch  residents really do what it takes.  This is one of the projects from Claudia's class.  I have more I will show later but this one made from the pink lemonade line was eye catching.  Lana and Dianne not showing their frustration here. Saundra was very patient with us but applique was not coming easily.  We worked hard until the night caught up with us.  We were left with instructions to practice.  Like the piano.  I never got to good at that either.  The basket weavers were making good progress when I happened in one Friday morning.  I haven't seen any completed baskets yet.


  1. Love the photos. That first quilt is wonderful in the greens. I love teapots. I've taken classes from Saundra before. She's a great teacher. Thanks Jan Marie for putting this together.

  2. That teapot quilt is adorable. I love quilts, and admire quilters but I will never be one. Its just not in me! I wish it was. :)