Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh my goodness--I am telling my age

This is so fun, I found it over on We Sew Retro.  I am telling you my age here but that pattern for 1968 was one I made to wear at Girls State that summer.  In fact I made it three times in great fabrics, I wish I still had that fabric.  One was a to die for yellow print, one was brown and the other was a mint green stripe.  I was very stylish for the time.  I remember being in a hurry to finish and broke the sewing machine needle off in my fingernail.  Ouch! but the worse part was I didn't know how to put in a new needle and my grandma wasn't home to show me. It was her new machine.  I could not get it bigger here but if you want to see it enlarged go to this link it will tell you the pattern maker and number also.

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  1. I love the late 1960's groups - telling my age too :) still alive and kicking and that is what counts LOL