Monday, March 4, 2013

Hand made Rugs--I asked Gaye Ryon to tell us about her class

And other quilt walk festivals.
Here is the note I got from her.

"I am teaching rug braiding at Quilt Walk this year. I love the look of hand made rugs and remember fondly my Great Grandmas crocheting them. My husband and I are remodeling/restoring a 1888 cottage, so I learned to braid rugs to enhance the heritage of my house.  My quilts and rugs add a personal warmth to my house that purchased items could not have brought.

This will be my 4th year attending the Panquitch Quilt Walk and look forward to it all year. The group of quilter’s I attend with are very special people and a delight to be with. We will be presenting our work at a luncheon trunk show in 2014.

The quilt from a project class the  1st year went to the Quilt of Valor.

The next year the quilt I finished was displayed at HMQS. I call it  “Honey”

Last year’s quilt , Spinning Stars, is on my design wall ready to put it together.

I have always had great instructors at the Quilt Walk."

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