Sunday, March 24, 2013

Even more fun stuff

Pats modern quilt is breathtaking with the colors she chose.  She said these are the colors the collects.

Sandy has really been busy this month.  This is a finish of  the guilds block of the month from several years ago.

Keela's fabric choice for the mystery quilt.
Sandy's choice.  These are all going to be so great.  And sandy has another finish here.  It is very modern.  The blues are more teal than what is showing on this picture. 

Sandy began talking about this top by saying "do you know how sometimes you have a quilt you are so excited to start a quilt and when you get it finished you wondered what you were so excited about?  This is one of those."  I think it is adorable and I bet when it is quilted she will fall back in love with it.

Gwen's fabric choice.

Keela participated in a Jelly Roll Race and here are the results.  I can't wait to try this but I am not going to race or I would become all thumbs.
I have a weakness for tumbler quilts and this one is great in pink.


  1. that is one of the better jelly roll race quilts that I have seen, the colors seem to flow alot better than some of them do.

  2. I asked what the line was and she could not remember. She also said there was no time to pick and choose the lines.