Sunday, July 31, 2011

July sure did fly by... I have some new mini's to share.

the bad news is I have yet to find my 4 GB card for the camera.  Dang they are small. 
I don't have a sewing room and with all the comings and goings of people the last few weeks the sewing machine has been in hibernation.  I do, however, have a friend who comes for the summer.  We usually get together for a few days and make cards.  This year since she missed quilt walk and was unable to take Holly's mini album class, she wanted to make a mini.   here is what I made. 

 I had been looking at some mini albums on you tube and it made me want to try some new things.

You can't see it very well but the flower on the left is one of the fabric flowers you hold over a flame to melt into curves.

I got this idea from Laura at following the Paper trail .   

this envelope holds 4 tags or space for 8 pictures or pictures and journaling.  I really like this paper.  It was some I had had for years and I had thought about purging it but I am glad I didn't.

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  1. I hope you find your camera card soon. They are small! Until then, thanks for sharing what you can.