Monday, June 20, 2011

The Singing Quilter--What a great trunk show

I put this on top because it is my favorite.  I love how she shadowed each block. 

She sang a song about a crazy quilt and added each element of the song in this little quilt.

She said she started some hexies and could not stop.  I think she said these were 1/4 inch.

I actually heard her say this was pretty easy.  I know no one believed it.

Cathy Miller, The Singing Quilter and her husband.  She taught two classes while she was here also.

Dianne and the gal from Dave's Bernina.  Dianne won the sewing machine.  She was sitting in the same seat I was last year when I won. 

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  1. Oh a big Congratulations to Diane! Tell her I miss her so!