Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yay! Sew Night, new projects and a sneak peek

Remember I told you about our guild doing black and white blocks with a crayon color drawn at each guild meeting.  Here are Shannons blocks.  She is doing two of each.

These are Claudias' blocks.  She is adding the black and white extra to each block, I think she called it a BQ pattern.  It is really striking.  Shes
 making two of each block also.  Of course yours truely only has her crayon colors drawn.  That is it.  No fabric, nothing cut nothing.  No excuses.

Here is Marylous' flimsy

       from  the tube piecing she had last week.  It turned out great didn't it?

Marylou taught some of the ladies how to do the tube piecing blocks.  These are the ones LaVee put together.  

Prepare to be amazed!!!!!

Are these not the greatest little blocks.  Just so you know they are a sneak peak for the quilt walk.  Most of us worked on these last night.  I love working with friends.

Remember this project from last sew night?  Well here it is cut apart and put back together.

Look at these bocks claudia made from her class in Brigham City. Are these fun blocks.
We are going to meet again next week to work on the quilt. 

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