Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Crossed Canoes

DeAnn Oliekan will be teaching this class  at the festival this year.
 "The class will be "Paperless" paper piecing. It is a fun technique that gives you the precision of paper piecing without having to pull all the little pieces out of your seams."

This looks like a great class.  fun to do scrappy or with a color plan.

Deann called herself a rookie teacher last year, but it looks like the class was a hit.   This class was called head and tails.  It looks good.  She even has pictures of two of the finished quilts.  Way to go Ladies.   

I really like the colors on this one.

 This last picture is a class that Deann took at the festival last year called peppermint twist.  It is always so fun to see what everyone comes up with and the colors they use.  Some of my favorite quilts start with fabric I would have never even looked at twice but someone--usually not me-- saw the potential.

If you have a finish from last year or any years that we have not seen I would love to put it up here so everyone can ooh and ah... with me. 
Check out Claudia's blog for updates on the festival.

Tomorrow I finally get to go to sew night.  I can hardly wait so see what everyone is doing. I haven't been sewing this week.  My daughter was here and wanted to scrapbook and of course I can't say no to having a partner in making a mess.

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