Monday, February 7, 2011

We even make baskets at our quilt festival.

Pam Kay has been at the quilt walk since the second year. Each year Pam teaches two basket classes and one quilt class.  What a talented lady.  This year Pam graduated  from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in History after four years of study beginning in June 2006. "During that time I studied book making and wheel thrown pottery,two new loves of my life. " She says.

 Everyone is facinated with the baskets.  She has students that come back year after year.  This is the split tool basket that they made last year. 

the melon is  the second basket they made last year.  How cool is this?

This basket is called the fat quarter keeper.  Couldn't we all use one of these?

I don't think that she has taught this one at the festival but it is a quilters tote.  I am sure I need one of these.

The red X is here on purpose.... This year Pam's first class is a mystery basket.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

This is called "Shotgun Wedding at Midnight" taught in 2009.  fabulous!

Her Mississippi Flyaway quilt has been taught two different years at the festival.

The class of students from 2009  all successfully completed the "Muffins for Two" basket.
 Stars and moons.

another great quilt, tipsy tulips.

Pam tells this story about  her 2007 trip to the quilt walk.  "I got a flat tire on the way to Panguitch in 2007, the year I did the trunk show. I had to call road service to come change my tire. He said
"Ma'am, I don't off load trunks, I just change tires," so I had to
unload all my quilts and pile them on the side of the road. He changed the tire, I loaded the quilts back and followed him to his tire store
about 10 miles away. I bought a new tire and had him install it, then
he was going to put the little emergency donut tire back in my
trunk--you guessed it! I had to unload the quilts again, have him
replace the tire in its proper position and re-load the quilts again.
I think if she had been closer to she would have had plenty of help unloading and loading. 

She says this is one of her students favorites.

This is the first class Pam taught at the Quilt Walk, the Cranberry basket. The interesting thing is that nobody ever saw it or even a picture before the class. The students signed up on blind faith!

Pam is one of our teachers that does it all.  Wait till you see all that she does.  This is the second basket she is teaching this year.

Besides the baskets she is teaching this fabulous pineapple quilt. 
If you want to see more of Pams art visit her website.

Don't forget to see all the news of the Quilt Walk at Claudia's blog.  And if you want to check out all the things going on at the Festival the site is up and running.  I know of some people who have already sent their registrations in.  I am still trying to decide.  I may have to put them in a hat and draw.


  1. Love Pam. She is one of the most fantastic teachers I have ever had come to the Quilt Walk! She just makes me smile thinking of her! Thanks Jan for posting this! Claudia

  2. I love those baskets. Something else I would love to learn how to do. I need to live to be over 100 to create everything I want to try.
    Lovely quilts as well.

  3. I love the bag Shannon has made I live in NC and would love to get pattern and rullers for this bag. Can you help me wiyh getting is these?My name is Barbara

  4. Barbara, I don't believe Shannon used any specia rulers for this bag. The pattern is a kati cupcake one called my favorite bag. Here is the kati cupcake site.

    I would love to see your bag when you get it done. Jan