Saturday, February 12, 2011

This lady is Amazing!

I asked Nanette of Freda's Hive to send me some pictures of the projects she is going to be teaching at the Festival this year and to tell me  about herself and her history with the Quilt Walk.  She is truly amazing I can't even imagine how she is able to do all she does.  This quilt is one of her own designs called Freda's Flowers and is made with a jelly roll.

A smaller version.  I definitely need some of that red checked fabric and those flowers are so original. 

Nanette is always looking for unique fabric and she is so good at using it and it always looks great. 

There is supposed to be a picture here and I can't figure out where it went.  I have tried several times to post it and it either gets lost or posts sideways.

   The second class Nanette is teaching is a butterfly class.  I have seen it done different ways.  Look at the fun way she used the fabric for the lines in this one

This quilt looks so good when it is finished.  I especially like the way she used black to make the fabric butterflies pop.

I am going to insert some of the information from Nanette's Bio so you will see what I mean by amazing.

"I have been sewing most of my life and quilting for 12 years.  I started designing patterns about 10 years ago when ideas would come to me for projects that I wanted to make but couldn’t find patterns for them.  I love vintage fabric and Japanese produced reproduction fabric.  My love/style is early to mid 20th century fabrics and quilts.   I have links to free tutorials and also my patterns on my blog.  I teach classes at local quilt shops and retreats.  I am a mother of 8 children ages 16-29.  My company is named for my mother, Freda.  Freda’s talents and influence were passed onto me and I am passing on that love of fabric and creation to my family.  Most of my children are adults now but our home is always a hive of activity with family members coming, going, staying and passing through.  I have tried to instill in my family an understanding of hard work and industry.  We have a big garden, chickens, bees and pets.  I am a displaced city girl finding I love living a mini farm life and quilts are a big part of who I am and what I love doing.  I also work full time for a mid sized medical practice as a department manager."

Whew! How does she do it all?  Besides all that  " I  sew samples and design patterns for fabric companies."

 I took this bag class from her at the Quilt Walk last year. She is a great teacher.
"My theory on teaching," she says," is that we should have fun. I like to have a relaxed classroom atmosphere. We can fix any mistake. And I want everyone to get as much done as they want. Last year I took some of my class members into the free sew room after my class so they could finish their bags. I just want the class to feel like they've accomplished something and make progress instead of starting a new UFO."

 This quilt is her newest design. It is called dreaming princess. That is the new Riley Blake fabric.

 I think this is a quilt she designed to go with this new fabric that will be coming out this spring.

Ok, Here is the picture that I can't get to stand up straight.  I wanted you to see the quilt.  It looks as good sideways as right side up.  This quilt is going on my list. 
Good thing I have a blog so I can keep track of all the quilts on my list. Wait, Is there a way to put that on my side bar?
I can't wait to see Nanettes quilts in real life.


  1. Nanette is everything you said and more!
    I've made most of her designs that you showed. She's a dear friend, and one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.

  2. I am loving these quilts.
    That purse is adorable.

  3. Aw Jan thanks so much. You're so sweet to do this. I'll link you to my blog post this week. I hope my classes fill up. I really want to teach at the Quilt Walk this summer. I'm so looking forward to it. It is the best retreat with the nicest people. I felt so appreciated and helped last year by everyone. Thank you again.

  4. Nanette truely is an amazing lady. She has a gift for putting fabric and color together. And she is really, really nice.

  5. Wow! Amazing projects! Thanks so much for sharing!