Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sew night

Oh my goodness, I think this is so cute.  Dianne has a granddaughter with a birthday coming up and this is for her.

 Jeri got new fabric in the store so she began making aprons.  Are these too cute.  I think she said the fabric on the left is called "quite contrary."  Who comes up with such clever names.  This next one is for her grandson.

Becky is making this for the shop I wish the colors would show up better because this is really a beautiful flimsy.  Especially those red poppies in the center.  I guess I am still a little cowboy at heart because this fabric speaks to me.

Some of us worked on our books that Holly is helping us with.  Everyone got quite a bit done.  Not me, I was still playing around with patterns when everyone else had sewen and glued theirs.

I can't wait to show you some of them when they are done they are really works of art.  Holly had the book she is offering as a class at the Quilt Walk there tonight.  Oh my, it is stunning.  I don't have pictures of it yet but will post when I do. 
Here is another one of Becky's quilts.  I am not sure why it ended up on the bottom.  She is making this one for a granddaughter.  She didn't stay to sew  but came by so we could see what she had been working on.  Her husband has built her a new sewing room and she has put it to good use. Her granddaughter is in our high school play of Cinderella tonight. 

I know I have not shown show and tell from quild but I promise I will do it.  Next week is quild and we are having pot luck (what am I going to take?) and are supposed to bring the ufo we promised to finish last January.  I got mine finished but I have shown it so many times I need to come up with something else to show.