Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quilt Guild

Oh my, do you ever think you have done something and it turns out you have not?  Well I could have sworn I posted last guild meeting but I guess it was in my dreams.

Our mystery quilter this month was Keela.  She said she thought we had seen everything she had done so she told the story of quilts in her family.  The first quilt is one that her mom got for her wedding, (I think I got that right.)

She then showed the copper satin her mom made for her wedding.  I didn't get a pictures of that as she was too fast and finally she showed one she had made for her sons wedding.  They were beautiful quilts.  She showed a part of a quilt she had had framed that was made by her great grandmother and is falling apart in places but is still so precious.

 She then pulled this one out, which I think will be a really fun quilt, and said it was her first quilt and she had put it up because of the mistakes but that she thinks she will finish it now.

 This is one where she took a class where you supposed to use any and all colors and patterns.  She said that was really hard for her to do as she likes things to match.
 And this one is a favorite as she has a thing for chickens. She is still looking for pearls to hang on the hens necks and yes those are doily's on the quilt.  Sooo adorable.  
With Keela you never know what is next.  Thanks Keela for a fun show.  

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  1. so neat to frame part of an old quilt to keep as a memory! lovely quilts.