Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brenda Bailey--Teacher Spotlight.

Is this pattern so great? I think it is an exciting pattern and it is one of Brenda's own patterns.  Brenda and her daughter are Pie Plate Patterns.  She will be teaching this class Thursday afternoon.  Then that evening she is teaching a project bag.  Look at the fabric and ideas she has.  Sooo cute.  

I asked Brenda to tell a little about herself and she wrote this.  "How I became a quilter... I have always loved to sew, and have a degree in Home Economics.  I made quilts for my children, but they were just squares and rectangles.  I didn't know how to put colors together to make a nice quilt.  When my daughter Bonnie was a student at Snow College, we took a quilting class together, and it opened things for me.  Things that I thought were so hard, became doable because of the tricks I learned in that class.  Bonnie and I have teased our teacher, Tracie, that she is responsible for all the quilting craziness in our lives.
The quilt walk...

I have taught at the quilt walk for the last six years or so.  I have loved meeting others who love quilting as much as I do.  I look forward to June in Panguitch every year!

Thanks, Brenda 

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