Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Quilt Retreat started yesterday....I went to the show tonight and it was just what was needed to get rid of the winter blahs.

They began by having each of the teachers show the project they were teaching this year.  There were so many and they went so fast I did not get them all and the pictures aren't the best because it was packed with quilters.  Here are the pictures I got.  I know some of the teachers but not all so I am going to show pictures without much commentary.  The quilts are the reason anyway.

Ok just one comment, this snowball and nine patch is going on my list.

This is the quilt on the front of Claudias book from last week.  It is  even better IRL.

There is an about Kaffee class

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  1. Thanks for pictures from the retreat. I really miss being able to go to Ruby's and being part of all the fun. Tell Bonnie I say hello!