Friday, February 17, 2012

I should have taken a picture of the table stacked with quilts.

There were so many quilts I am going to have to show them  in two or three days and then only post the quilt that the pictures turned out  on.  I think she  said these were only the ones she chose to bring.  By She I am taking about Sherri of A Quilting Life fame.  I love following her blog because her quilts are the quilts I would make if I was an expert quilter.  

She began by talking about her grandmothers and her family history of quilts.  These first quilts were made by past generations of her family.

She told us that many of her first quilts were Irish chain quilts because that is the pattern she had.

I like this one a whole lot.

To paraphrase that old commercial, you've come a long way from the first Irish chain.  
Sherri sews for designers for quilt market and also tries out patterns for them.  

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  1. I would have LOVED to be at Sherri's trunk show. I've seen many of her quilts in person as she made them, but to see them all together and to hear her stories would be wonderful.