Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More pictures, didn't I tell you she had great quilts?

Sherri said this is one of her favorite quilts.  

These two quilts are the same pattern with just the darks and lights reversed.  Hard to believe.  

This pattern is I believe called swoon.  It is one that Nan is planning to do.  It is pretty awesome. 

The pattern and fabric for this quilt were designed by Kate Spain.  I tried to pick up some of this fabric called terrain but it flew out of the stores. 

Love brights.

This is what the front of the room looked like when we got there Friday evening.  There was a block exchange and if you wanted to participate you made one snowball and one 9 patch from brights and whites. I like the way they look.  
Ok this is the last picture from the quilt retreat.  Hope you enjoyed them.  

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