Thursday, January 12, 2012

We are back to regular sew nights.

It was so good to see everyone last night.  There was plenty of show and tell but mostly everyone seemed to need to have some time to visit.  I was only able to stay a little while as my furnace had stopped working and the furnace guy was coming to check it out.  Turned out to be something he had the part for and could fix so I am not freezing.  Thank you Cade.

I did remember my camera so here are the show and tells.

Shannon has been busy.   Not only did she knit these hats she made this cute rug out of tee shirts.

Marylou is making this quilt for the brother, she will be visiting next month.  She had one all made and didn't like the quilting so will be taking it apart.  This one turned out great.  Do you recognize this block that was learned at guild last fall. 

This is a just in case, baby quilt LaVee made.  The daisys have yellow and she has a really great (I think it is pink lemonade line) yellow for the back.

Jeri made this quilt out of a new line she has in her store. I can't remember what line she said it was.  (I will check and get back on this one)  Great quilt but she said there was lots of left over fabric with this pattern so she has been making these with the extra.

This is a tree ornament Shannon made for her youngest this year.  I think she made ornaments for each family member.  

This is a quilt Becky is quilting from a lady that recently passed away.  I think she was in her late 90's.  

Loretta brought a plate of still warm cookies for a treat.  

It feels so good to be back and sewing again.  Christmas was really lovely but there is something to be said for routine.


  1. beautiful crafts and those cookies made me hungry! Love Penny

  2. Hi Jan,
    Isn't it nice to have January so we can get back to our normal routine, and have time to meet with our quilting friends? Thanks for the Show and Tell.

  3. I'm so jealous of your sewing group! I wish I could come! For now, thanks for sharing with the peas!!