Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ok, maybe just one resolution.....

I usually only watch television on Tuesday nights, NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles,  during those shows I saw a commercial.  I have no idea who's commercial it is but the fellow was  making a resolution to "eat more juicy steak" this year.  Now that is a resolution I can really get behind.  As a daughter of third generation cattlemen I think I will make that resolution to, at least once a month, have a nice juicy steak.

Now to my word and how it found me.

On Sunday, I was singing a song to the youngest children at our church. Luckily they don't care that I can't carry a tune in a basket. There is a line in the song, that when I was a child, said "teach me all that I must know, to live with him someday."  The song has been changed to " teach me all that I must do to live with him..."  the word did find me.  My word for this year is

As in do the  things that will make me healthier, as in do some projects not just start them.  Do things with and for family and friends to keep connections open.  Do the things that will open my mind and heart to  spiritual things.  I already know, this is my year to do .

I will let you know how my journey is going.  If you are choosing one little word let me know how you are doing.


  1. Great post. I chose the word Heal for this year. Inside and out. I'll be reading alon gto see how you do-do.

  2. Lovely to see so many beautiful projects - so much talent and ability! Awesome. Sounds like a really lovely group to craft with. I really enjoyed looking at everything.

  3. Love your word!-I am your newest follower from Layla's party-Stop by for a visit!