Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am not going to make a resolution!

I know it is a tradition and I have done it for more years than I will admit to but I am not doing it this year.  Have I ever kept a resolution?  Probably,  but I don't remember it.

This year I am going to go with one little word.

One little word can change your life.  Just ask Wilber

I am not giving up on making changes and trying to do better but this year I am going to choose one word.  One word to take me where I want to go.    In the scrapbook world there is a big push to choose one little word and make it one you can be mindful of all year long. One little word  How will I use my word?  I don't know for sure yet but I am putting together a gratitude journal for the year so I may make it part of that.  Here are the words I am trying to choose from:  What do you think?



  1. Yes, I'm with you, which word to choose! I'm not good with resolutions either-I know I've kept a couple but mostly it feels like pressure to me:) I like Joy and Move from your list.

  2. good luck choosing your word! I had a list as well and after a few days mulling it spoke to me.

  3. I never make resolutions. Good luck choosing your word! I like joy. :) Like move too.