Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yay!! Sew night again. It was good to get back to see what everyone was working on. So much fun stuff.

Remember this from last month?

Shannon has turned it into this. Is that cool or what? I wonder who thought up this pattern. I would like to understand how their mind works to come up with this. I am planning on doing one of these this summer.

Betty did this cute baby quilt and I am sorry for the blurr this is the only picture I could even put up.  My camera took the biggie and I am trying to get by with a borrowed one.  I can't seem to  stay steady it enough.

Another one of Betty's.

Helen tried to tell us she didn't have anything to show but this was discovered in her sewing  bag.

Have I mentioned before what an awesome town Panguitch is to live in?  If not "Panguitch is and Awesome place."   2 weeks after the Quilt Walk Festival, the fourth weekend of June,  we have a balloon festival.  We have as many balloons as the field they launch from can hold and for three mornings, in the best part of summer, our sky is filled with beautiful, cute, and clever balloons.  One night there is a glow all up and down main and center street. 

Becky made this quilt to be raffled off during the balloon festival this year.  Each square is a T shirt from the  festival.  The one from this year is in the lower corner but it came out to blurry so I am giving you a close up of last years.

I have more to show you but have to stop now.  I will try to get the rest up tomorrow. 


  1. Your town sound like a lovely place to live. So much going on, and such talented women.
    All those quilts are beautiful, but Betty's is adorable...those little bonnet girls.

  2. I am in awe! What a transformation and what BEAUTIFUL quilts! They are just stunning!