Friday, April 22, 2011

More from quild

Is this too cute.  Nellie made it for her sister who came to the Bryce retreat for the first time with her featherweight.

Crystal and Shari gave us an overview of landscape quilts.  This is from a class taught at Bryce.  Do you recognize the red canyon tunnel? 

These look really fun to do.  I am not sure I have the patience for it thought.

these patterns are  by Carol Johnson.  Really beautiful

Shari does hers differently and she showed us how she auditions fabric for her ideas.  She put this one together right in front of us.  How cool is that.

Shauna showed us this color wheel that she got from keepsakequilting.

Here are some of the completed blocks from our BOM, black and white with a crayon color. 

Shannon made this cute pin cushion.  The bottom is a lid off some bubbles. 


  1. What talented ladies!! The landscapes were my favorites!

  2. I love those quilts! I would love to take some quilt classes, but unfortunately, my closest quilt shop is a half hour away with no traffic. I will have to see if my local quilt guild has classes. That pin cushion is so cute! I would have never guessed that part of it was made from a lid. Very creative!