Monday, April 25, 2011

Wait till you see the classes the Green Tomatoe Girls are offering

Moonlight buddies is all wool applique.  Aren't those to just to cute. 

I know some of the ladies that are super excited to be taking this class. 

They taught this class and the Sisters one two years ago I think. 

Alice said this is their most popular.  You can check them out at green tomatoes

I think this one is super cute.
I asked the ladies to tell a little about themselves and this is what Alice said,
  "Whitley" is the quilt we are to teach this year (I hope) and also "Moonlight Buddies" which is strictly wool applique. It is a good way to learn the basics of wool applique--it is so easy to do! Even people who don't like to do applique have really enjoyed it. We offer kits for both of them if they are pre-ordered

Last year we introduced the "Design and Create in 5". It is a simple pattern combined with a special assembly method that allows you to complete the quilt top in 5 hours or less. The pattern front shows it in 4 different color waves and different borders ideas. The beauty of this quilt (besides being able to put it together quickly) is it can be personalized to any theme you choose. If you come by our booth, you will see several adaptations and get some ideas to get started. You can easily use fabrics from your stash or check out the kits we have with the fabrics already pre-selected. It is great for wedding presents, baby quilts, TV quilts, wall hangings etc. It can be expanded or shrunk to any size desired. It is just so versatile--anyone can do it!"

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