Tuesday, April 5, 2011

frogs and round robins and more

I love the black and white with red quilt that Jill will be teaching at the festival this year.  When I contacted Jill about her classes she said, " I do not know what to say. I was president of the state guild 2008 and did festival in 2010. I have taught for 25 years and have been quilting for over 30.  My main goal in quilting is to help others have as much fun as I do."  I think if you saw her trunk show last year you would believe it. 

What could be more fun than splashing frogs.  Jill is also teaching this quilt. 

And another frog quilt.  This one and the rest are quilts she showed in her trunk show.

this is so awesome.  This is called a round robyn quilt.  Jill made the center, a friend made the border and another made the next border and so on until the quilt was finished.   How fun would that be?

I believe this was a quilt she was given by the Utah Quilt Quild.  It says "As ye sew, sew shall ye Rip."

the brights in this make it look like it is moving.

blue and aqua quilt, these are really popular colors right now, lauren is eyeing these colors for her college quilt. 

What a fun patriotic quilt.  

 Jill is a great teacher.  If you remember this coral and yellow starburst quilt, she was the teacher. 

Bright and fun.


  1. gorgeous quilts - I wish I had the patience to do them!

  2. Beautiful quilts....those froggy quilts are so fun :)

  3. Love, love, love the splashing froggy quilt and the round robin quilt! My friendship group has been wanting to do a round robin. You make me want to do one even more!
    By the way, thank you for your comforting comments on my blog. :)