Saturday, March 12, 2011

It looks like an explosion of color, by Jen Hinwood.

I asked Jen to tell us about herself and her experience with the quilt walk.  Here is what she had to say. 
"Normally my sister Jody Ray and I both teach at Quilt Walk and treat

it as a girl's weekend. Last summer however my husband was in-country

(he lives in Mozambique, Africa) and I wanted him to go to Panguitch

with me. I'm sure the town will never be the same again! On the day I

taught class my sister brought in her sewing machine and worked all

day on a project of her own. This left my husband to roam the town

getting to know shopkeepers, residents and visitors. He can be a bit

of a trouble maker and from his telling, instigated a heated debate

about rugby in one shop. The next day I sewed while my sister taught

and we sent my husband fishing up at the lake. About the time he got

his line in the water it started BLIZZARDING! He fished from the car

until he couldn't see his line in the water for the snow then packed

it in and drove down a very snowy road back to town. As he tells it --

"the girls go off to a relaxing day of quilting and say 'here Honey,

go play with the fish in a blizzard!'" He'd like to come back to

Panguitch with us girls this year but is hard at work in Mozambique. I

am preparing to leave early in April to visit him and will be rushing

back just in time to teach in one of my favorite places -- Panguitch!"
 (Yes the Quilt Walk is the second week of June, remember the lake is pretty high altitude)
Remember the Pineapple is a sign of hospitality.
Who doesn't need a butterfly quilt in their collection.  I would have a hard time keeping this at my house as I can tell it would be a granddaughter favorite.  I will have to make it multiple times.
Check out the Quilt Walk Class schedule for Jen's Classes.

Jen says,,"About me: the most interesting tidbit probably is that our family

spans 5 continents. I have a husband, 4 children, 3 step-children and

6 grandchildren. I've had more pages added to my passport twice and

it's nearly full again. My kids think my occupation should say

'Traveling Gogo' (Gogo is what my grandkids call me; it means 'revered

older woman' in Zulu). I am currently teaching a class called 'Love

Letters from the Civil War' at Salt Lake's newest quilt shop - My

Sister's Quilts. I am also starting a monthly class there called

'Table Topics' in May but my sister will be teaching the first one for

me as I will be overseas. I am taking a sabbatical from long-arm

quilting for the summer and trying to get caught up on some of my own quilting."

This quilt, unique to whom ever it is made for was taught last year at the festival by Jen.


  1. I love that butterfly quilt! I can't imagine snow in June. Funny story about your DH.:)

  2. wow those are amazing quilts - i love the first one, it reminds me of fireworks......